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Farmers Feeding Florida

Combatting Hunger with Florida's Farmers and Ranchers

Florida’s agriculture industry is one of our state’s greatest assets. As Feeding Florida works to help the 2.3 million Floridians that struggle to afford nutritious food consistently, farmers and ranchers are pivotal in helping us accomplish our mission. Our Florida product recovery initiative, Farmers Feeding Florida, works in partnership with farmers, ranchers, packers and brokers throughout the state to rescue and distribute excess or unmarketable products to the families that need it most. Throughout the years, this initiative has been able to offset out-of-pocket costs for packing materials to enable our partnering farmers and growers to scale up donations to multiple truckload quantities.  

Making The Connection

There are several ways to connect with Feeding Florida and our statewide network of food banks to both help feed more people and find a home for the fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy produced by our agriculture partners. Here in Florida, our food banks do an average of 5,000 truckloads of retail pick-ups each week. Our member food bank employees and volunteers are trained and certified in proper food handling to ensure the quality of produce donations. Farmers Feeding Florida is endorsed by Florida’s major commodity groups and is supported by the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Florida Legislature and grants from private foundations.

Feeding Florida strives for exemplary service to farmer and rancher partners. We can arrange to have donations picked up within 48 hours of your call, freeing up valuable cooler and dock space at your facility.

Feeding Florida currently partners with Florida farmers and ranchers through three primary resources: Recovery, Local Purchasing, and Specialized Funding. To submit your interest to participate in any of these funding opportunities detailed below, email Cacee Hilliard.

Farmers and ranchers have excess or unmarketable but wholesome produce; we have the means to share it with hungry people. With our recovery program, we help offset out-of-pocket costs for Florida producers while recovering excess or unmarketable products that are then donated to your local food bank.

Local Purchasing
Through local purchasing grants or funding opportunities, our food banks purchase Florida-grown products to help producers sustain and possibly expand their enterprise.  These types of funding opportunities are farmer-focused and help serve agricultural producers facing unique challenges within their sector of the industry.  This includes first-generation farmers/ranchers, women in agriculture, and individuals who identify as marginalized and/or socially disadvantaged.  

Specialized Funding
By partnering with agriculture industry leaders and associations to administer special funding opportunities for Florida producers, additional products can be purchased or recovered. When specialized funding becomes available, we can quickly and effectively procure fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and more for Florida families in need. 


For more information or to discuss your donation:

Cacee Hilliard, Agriculture Relations Manager
(352) 222-1959