Feeding Florida | Florida's Food Bank Network

Disaster Response

Feeding Florida and our partners are always ready to help with disaster relief

Feeding Florida is the only statewide hunger relief organization with an active presence in all of Florida. 

The Feeding Florida network collaborates with Feeding America, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), FEMA, Florida Division of Emergency Management and other disaster responders to prepare for catastrophic events. Feeding Florida is an integral part of Florida State Mass Care team, helping to plan response and recovery activities and to serve our neighbors when disaster strikes.

Food, water and other disaster supplies are strategically staged throughout Florida at our food banks. Our network has 160+ commercial trucks, and 20+ warehouses with more than 500,000 square feet of storage for critical supplies. Feeding America and other national partners, as well as our local food banks, have taken great care, made strategic infrastructure investments, and exercised their experienced foresight to provide and stage essential supplies in key locations to ensure a quick response.

Florida is prone to natural disasters and it’s necessary to have an effective plan for when disaster strikes. Hoping “It’ll never happen to me,” is not a plan. 

Make Your Plan at FloridaDisaster.org