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Beef Recovery

Ranchers Feeding Florida 

Feeding Florida set out on a mission to expand our program to include Florida proteins, understanding Florida’s cattle ranchers have the resources and knowledge to make a difference for the 2.3 million Floridians facing hunger. 

Through our partnership with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA), we created a beef recovery program utilizing mature Florida beef or dairy cattle no longer in production. This process allows Florida ranchers to donate cull cattle to be processed into ground beef. Feeding Florida’s network of nine food banks across the state can then distribute the meat locally through the statewide network.


"Since I have been involved with Feeding Florida's effort to put beef on the table of food insecure families, I have realized the stark reality that there are people that, for one reason or another, don't have beef as an option to provide to their family and that hurts my soul."
- Florida Cattlemen Association President-Elect Rick Moyer


Become a Beef Recovery Partner

This donation-based program looks for ranchers who can provide mature, Florida beef and dairy cattle in good health. When the fall cull season kicks off, ranchers will work carefully with our Ag Relations team to donate the cattle, schedule drop of options for processing, and receive a donation receipt (which includes the market value of the animals donated for tax purposes.)

To become an eligible partner, complete this form and get started: Feeding Florida Beef Recovery Program.

How to Donate Cattle

Feeding Florida’s Ag Relations team will work with you ahead of dropping off donated animals to either a livestock market or processor, as well as identifying the best frequency and schedule. Cacee Hilliard serves as the point of contact for this program and can be reached at 352-222-1959. 

Florida processor partners for drop-off include:

  • FM Meats- Ft. McCoy 
  • Jerkins Angus Farm- Bristol, FL 
  • Arrowhead Beef- Chipley, FL 

Florida Beef, Inc in Center Hill will pick up from the following Florida and out-of-state livestock markets:

  • Okeechobee Livestock Market- Okeechobee, FL 
  • Arcadia Stockyard- Arcadia, FL 
  • Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction- Lakeland, FL  
  • Ocala Stockyard- Ocala, FL 
  • Columbia Livestock Market- Lake City, FL 
  • Sumter County Livestock Market- Webster, FL  
  • Townsend Livestock Market- Madison, FL 
  • Dothan Livestock Company- Dothan, AL 
  • Seminole Stockyard, Inc.- Donalsonville, GA 

If you would like to donate any cattle, complete this form and get started: Feeding Florida Beef Recovery Program. For general donation information or questions about the program, please contact Cacee Hilliard at 352-222-1959.