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Meal Deficit Metric (MDM)

Meal Deficit Metric

Pinpointing hunger at hyper-local levels

Feeding Florida is changing how hunger is measured and identified. This revolutionary work is allowing us to pinpoint missing meals at hyper-local levels across the state. The result of our new Meal Deficit Metric (MDM) translates into a more accurate, granular understanding of real hunger, which then allows for a more strategic investment in addressing it.

Our study, conducted by Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group, reveals that the number of missing meals resulting from only the employment disruption of COVID-19 in Florida was 2,723,532. Pre COVID-19, the number of missing meals was 16,936,154. While traditional countywide data has served an important purpose for food bank networks over the decades, this unprecedented research means that we can utilize resources to more effectively target hunger needs in our local communities.

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