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Imagine Tag

Imagine fighting hunger.

Imagine feeding Florida.

Can you imagine a world with no hunger? We can. It’s what we work toward every day. Feeding Florida unites the state’s network of 12 food banks to provide a healthy, adequate, and consistent food supply to every community every day.

But we cannot do this alone. It’s with the generosity of donors, partners, and volunteers that we are able to provide nutritious food to Florida’s most vulnerable. And you can help! When you purchase the Imagine License Plate featuring the iconic self-portrait of John Lennon, your dollars feed hungry Floridians. For $25, every plate feeds Floridians. All proceeds from the tag go directly to feeding Florida.

How to Get the Imagine Tag

You can buy your new license plate through your local tax collector’s office when you go to renew your registration or buy your license plate. When going through the process, just select the Imagine Tag from “specialty tags.”

Need a Birthday Reminder?

License plates are most commonly renewed on your birthday. You get a reminder from your local tax collector’s office and you can get a reminder from us too! Complete the short form below and we’ll send you an email near your birthday month to remind you to ask for the Imagine Tag when selecting your specialty plate, a great way to donate and help feed Florida.

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Inspired by John Lennon’s song Imagine and his mission to leave the world better than he found it, the Imagine Tag was created as a way for Floridians to help end hunger in their state. His heart for service is reflected on the tag through his iconic self-portrait, encouraging Floridians everywhere to “imagine” a world with no hunger. His wife, Yoko Ono, partnered with Feeding Florida to design the license plate tag and spread the message of imagining a brighter future where no one has to wonder where their next meal is coming from.