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Covid-19 Employment Disruption & Missing Meal Analysis Update

Feeding Florida commissioned Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group (MG) – a firm with expertise in hunger, the economy, and statistical models – to conduct a COVID-19 employment disruption analysis at small geographic units across Florida as a pathway to understand and address the additional need for charitable feeding during this crisis. The analysis estimates how many additional workers have or soon will become unemployed or furloughed without pay as a result of the pandemic. Results are pinpointed for over 11,400 hyper local areas across Florida. Additionally, Feeding Florida commissioned an update of MG’s Meal Deficit Metric model to account for the employment disruption of COVID-19, also at these same small pinpointed areas.
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Ensuring No Kid Goes Hungry This Summer

Our Feeding Florida food banks are dedicated to providing access to healthy and nutritious food for the 906,470 children in Florida who experience food insecurity. When school lets out for summer break, many children are left without a consistent source of food, adding to the other struggles they face like development and health. Studies show kids who don’t get enough food to eat are more likely to repeat a grade, experience developmental impairments in areas like language and motor skills, and have more social and behavioral problems. Learn how our food banks are making a difference and how to access summer food.

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Press Release: Feeding Florida Releases Updated Missing Meal Data

Feeding Florida released an updated analysis of weekly and yearly missing meals across the state, showing a 17 percent increase since March of 2020. The statewide food bank network commissioned Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group (MG) to update her estimate of how many individuals are currently missing meals each week, largely due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. This latest release in 2021 highlights the long-lasting effect on Florida’s food insecure population, a year after the pandemic hit.

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Florida Blue Partners with Feeding Florida to Provide Life-Saving Aid During Times of Hardship

Florida Blue has been a longtime, supportive partner of Feeding Florida, helping to provide aid to Floridians across the state through multiple key programs and initiatives. The support of Florida Blue was crucial when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and left millions without access to nutritious food and produce. Florida Blue was able to feed 739,000 people and provide 14.5 million meals to those needing COVID relief They also works individually with several Feeding Florida food banks on programs that educate and address special areas of nutrition and how it all impacts health.

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