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How to Take Action Against Hunger

How to Take Action Against Hunger

This Hunger Action Month we want to encourage you to get proactive in the fight against hunger in Florida. With 2.2 million individuals experiencing hunger across the state, there is no shortage of need for support and hunger relief. The Feeding Florida network of food banks offers you plenty of opportunities to help in your local community. With support from volunteers and generous donors, our network is able to further our reach into Florida’s 67 counties and provide relief to those who need us the most.


Get Involved Locally:


The Feeding Florida network is made up of 12 network member food banks and over 2,400 partner agencies – meaning there is no shortage of need for volunteers! Get involved locally by volunteering at your area food bank. They often need help sorting donations, packing food boxes, distributing food to locals, and staffing community events. Find your local food bank here and plan to get involved by volunteering this Hunger Action Month.


Our partner agencies are comprised of food pantries which are typically located in schools, churches, and community centers. These locations often need help from volunteers to sort donations and stack their shelves. Getting involved at this level requires directly contacting the agency, which can be done via your local food bank. Check their website to see all of the partner pantries near you.


Want to give back to your local food bank but can’t fit volunteering into your schedule? Consider donating instead. Organize a food drive within your community to collect food and non-perishable goods like peanut butter, canned soup, canned fruits & vegetables, canned proteins, beans, pasta, rice, and jams/jellies. The best part is most of these items can be found in your pantry right now!


Donations can also be made in the form of funds, which help our food banks purchase goods and fresh produce. Our food banks are able to purchase food at the wholesale price, meaning your dollars can be stretched even further. To put it into perspective, for every can of beans you purchase at a grocery store, the food bank can purchase ten cans for the exact same price. Our food banks rely on the generosity of people in their community, so consider making a donation today.


Get Involved at the State Level:


Our network reaches all 67 counties in Florida, 365 days a year. We would never be able to do it without the support of generous donors, volunteers and food bank staff who have made fighting hunger their priority. There are a few ways you can support our state-wide network in our efforts to end hunger and food insecurity in Florida.


Organizing a food drive can now be down completely digitally, giving you the opportunity to involve folks across the entire state. This is also an opportunity for a company with multiple locations. Gather others, make a goal, and begin collecting donations that will go to our Feeding Florida network! This “virtual food drive” allows us to support multiple food banks and continue impacting lives .


Getting involved at the state level can also mean contacting state legislators and making sure hunger and food insecurity are at their top of minds. Our network also relies on legislative support and funding in order to expand our reach and resources. Do your research, learn more about hunger in your community, and make a plan to contact your local representatives.


Our network consists of food banks, partner agencies, donors, volunteers, and dedicated staff. Together, we are Feeding Florida.

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