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Feeding Florida's network of food banks step up after Hurricane Idalia

Feeding Florida's network of food banks step up after Hurricane Idalia

It’s been over a week since Hurricane Idalia ripped through the Big Bend, and the Feeding Florida network of food banks have been non-stop ever since.

Mobilized before Idalia made landfall, 9 food banks across the state immediately began assessing the damage and focused our attention and resources on the hard-hit rural areas, beginning mass distributions of critical resources within hours after impact.

Feeding Florida works collaboratively as a network of food banks that serve and support every county in the state. When the cameras turn off and Idalia is forgotten, food banks will continue to support these families through hurricane relief, recovery, and rebuilding.

From Aug. 29-Sept. 5, the network of food banks has distributed:

  • 224,000 meals to those affected by Hurricane Idalia
  • Over 90,000 MREs and 363,000 ½ liter bottles of water
  • 40,000 pounds of fresh produce

Feeding Florida's efforts across the state have helped individuals and families in 23 counties, deploying critical resources through 44 mass distributions, agency drops, and site visits.

Learn more at feedingflorida.org.

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Published in the Tallahassee Democrat on September 11, 2023


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