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How to Double Your SNAP/EBT for Florida-grown produce with Fresh Access Bucks



The Basics

  Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) is a nutrition incentive program that increases the purchasing power of SNAP recipients to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmer's markets, produce stands, CSAs, mobile markets, and community grocery outlets. FAB doubles your purchase! Want to spend $10 on your SNAP/EBT card? You get an extra $10 for free fresh, Florida produce! No advance sign up necessary. 






At Farmers Markets

  • Find the SNAP/EBT booth, swipe your EBT card, and get your SNAP and FAB tokens. SNAP can be matched up to $40 per market day.

  • Exchange SNAP tokens with participating vendors around the market for SNAP-eligible items: fruits and vegetables, bread products, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, seeds & plants which produce food to eat.

  • Exchange free green FAB tokens for Florida-grown produce, plants, and seeds that produce food.

  • SNAP and FAB tokens do not expire.

  • Green FAB tokens can be used at any FAB market. SNAP Tokens are unique to the market where you received them and can only be spent at that market.





At Farm Stands, CSA's, Mobile Markets and Online Markets

  • Receive fresh Florida produce for free when you shop with SNAP/EBT.

  • If half or more of your SNAP purchase is Fl-grown produce, you will receive 50% off your SNAP total, up to $40 per day.

  • If less than half of your SNAP total is FL-grown produce, your FL-grown produce is FREE, up to $40 per day.

  • Remember, you can get the equivalent you spend in SNAP (up to $40 per day) in FL-grown produce, so fill your cart with local fruits and veggies to get the most out of FAB.





At Retail Outlets (grocery stores and corner stores)

  • Receive fresh fruits and/or vegetables for free when you shop with SNAP/EBT.

  • Shop with SNAP at a FAB retail outlets and receive up to $10 in Fresh Access Bucks to spend later on fresh vegetables and fruits on your next shopping trip.

  • Find more information on Fresh Access Bucks retail here 




Need more information?

Frequently Asked Questions


FAB market near you, visit our market map.
Interested in becoming a Fresh Access Bucks outlet?
If you are a farmers market, CSA, farm stand, and/or mobile market, apply to offer Fresh Access Bucks at your outlet here or learn more about what it means to be a FAB Farm-Direct Partner here.
If you are a retail outlet, apply to offer Fresh Access Bucks at your outlet here or learn more about what it means to be a FAB Retail Partner here.




Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fresh Access Bucks?
Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) offers a deep discount on fresh Florida produce when you shop with SNAP/EBT at participating farmers markets, mobile markets, produce stands, community supported agriculture programs (CSAs) and community grocery outlets. FAB doubles your purchase up to $40! Want to spend $10 on your SNAP/EBT card? You get an extra $10 for free fresh, Florida produce! 


Where can I get/use Fresh Access Bucks?
You can get double your SNAP/EBT for Florida-grown produce at any of our FAB outlets. Find a current map of FAB outlets here.


Do I have to apply in order to use SNAP and Fresh Access Bucks at Fresh Access Bucks outlets?
No advance sign up necessary! If you’re a SNAP recipient, you automatically qualify.

Do I have to be a senior citizen to use this program?
No, any SNAP recipient is eligible to participate. 


I am a manager at a farmers market and would like to apply/learn more about FAB
Great! Learn more about what it means to be a FAB partner here. Interested in becoming a Fresh Access Bucks outlet? Apply to offer Fresh Access Bucks at your outlet here.

How do I determine if I’m eligible to receive SNAP?
Visit the following websites to determine eligibility:
https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/access/ (FL residents)

https://www.mrelief.com/ (non-FL residents) 

How do I determine if I'm eligible for P-EBT? Where can I sign up for P-EBT?
Visit: https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/access/snap/pebtFAQs.shtml for a FAQ on P-EBT in Florida.


Do you match P-EBT with Fresh Access Bucks?

Can tokens be used at all participating outlets?
Green FAB tokens can be used at any participating outlets. SNAP tokens are unique to the market where they were distributed so they can only be used at that outlet.


What’s the difference between the green tokens and the SNAP tokens (colors vary by market)? How do tokens work?
Green tokens are used to purchase FL grown fruits and vegetables, seeds and plants which produce food to eat, and can be used at any FAB outlet. SNAP tokens can be used to purchase any SNAP eligible item at the market.


Are there any changes to the program because of Covid-19?
FAB market outlets are abiding by CDC and Florida Department of Health safety measures and social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of customers, farmers and market staff. Many FAB market outlets have adapted the customer experience by offering online ordering, home delivery, drive thru markets, and other measures.

For more information on FAB and active markets operating around the state through the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our market map


Can I use my SNAP benefits online at any of your outlets?
Currently, our outlets do not accept SNAP payments online, but many allow pre-ordering online with in-person SNAP payment. 


Are there any participating outlets near me?
If you are trying to find a participating outlet close to you, please visit our market map.


Have any additional questions? Give us a call:
1-855-FLA-FOOD (1-855-352-3663) Ext 4